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Welcome to Opcoat

Established in 2007,  opcoat  ltd provides optical coatings services and solutions. 

we specialize in design and production of various types of coatings such as:


  • Hydrophobic,Anti fog coatings

  • AR coatings (UV, VIS and IR)

  • Filters: wide-band, narrow-band, angular and notch (UV,VIS and IR)

  • Mirrors: dielectric, metallic,beam spiltters (UV, VIS and IR)

  • Transparent conductive coatings

  • optical substrates and windows: glass, semiconductors (Si, Ge, GaAs), sapphire, Zinc-Sulpfide, Zinc-Selenide, plastics (polycarbonate, PMMA, Zeonex, etc.)

Additionally we provide tailored solution to each client and develop coating processes to meet the requirements needed. 

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